Supporting The Quaker School at Horsham

Philanthropy has played a significant role in the growth of The Quaker School since our founding days. Charitable donations provided the land and start-up money for our state-of-the-art building, technology and furnishings, as well as our ongoing program enhancements and teacher training.

Because of this generosity, we have the freedom to develop and use programming that reflects the latest research, and infuse it with values that teach our students what it means to be a part of a global community.

When you give to TQS , your tax-deductible gifts benefit and support all aspects of the school. No gift is too small or too large, and each is an important show of support for the TQS mission. We thank you for your support.

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Looking back, my experience at TQS was life changing. I had many behavioral hurdles I needed to overcome and the teachers were incredibly supportive, patient and understanding. 

-Keith Rolland, Alumni 

Our Funds

  • TQS Fund: Your gift will have an immediate impact on the quality education TQS students receive. These restricted dollars go where they are needed most and provide a cushion of flexibility in the operating budget, enabling TQS to take advantage of new opportunities while addressing the needs of the students as they arise.  
  • George Rowe Scholarship Endowment Fund: Names for one of our founders, the dividends from this fund provide financial assistance to families with demonstrated need.  
  • Beverly Morgan Fund: Named for our other co-founder, this fund provides additional funding on a yearly basis to families who have needs beyond the financial aid the school is able to provide. 
  • Excellence in Teaching Fund: TQS' ability to attract and retain exceptional and experienced teachers and therapists is based on offering competitive compensation and benefits.  Additionally, providing opportunities for ongoing professional development to our educators is instrumental to TQS' continued success.   
  • Bridge Fund: By eliminating the debt incurred by the construction of the building, completed in 2008, TQS can build a bridge to a sound and stable financial future for the school.  

Connect with our office 

There are many ways to give to TQS, in addition to the opportunities listed above. Learn more, or donate now.

For more information about your giving options, contact Kristen Stevens, our Director of Development via email or 215.674.2875.