Every Gift is Meaningful, Impactful and Important.

Philanthropic support has played a significant role in the lives of our students, families, faculty and overall growth of The Quaker School at Horsham since our founding days.  

The generosity of alumni, parents, grandparents, and friends provide our students with essential resources and access to a transformative social, personal, and academic experience, and our teachers with training and professional development.

Your gift helps TQS to grow our community -- Where Every Child Blossoms!

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As a mom of a daughter with complex challenges, I understand the struggles, the worries, and the hopes and dreams for your student.  At TQS, we believe that our students 'will be okay.'  A couple of years ago, albeit after several attempts and schools, my daughter graduated from college and is currently an elementary school teacher. She has friends and is definitely 'okay!'

I sincerely thank you for any gift amount you are able to make to TQS as every gifted penny truly does make a difference to our small but mighty school community.  I am here to answer your giving option questions.  I can be reached via email or by phone, 215.674.2875, ext. 37.  

In Peace and Gratitude -- Kristen Stevens, Assistant Head for External Relations and Strategic Partnerships

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Recreational Therapy at TQS

What do you do to make yourself feel better if you’re stressed, or you have a mental block, or you’re struggling to find a solution to a challenge? 

Oftentimes, simply becoming active or taking part in an activity we enjoy is enough to help us through a current challenge. 

And there’s actually a science behind that — a science that can be channeled into a therapeutic practice called Recreational Therapy

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Introducing New Student Services

One of our promises to families here at The Quaker School at Horsham is that we will see and nurture the gifts of every child, pioneering individual solutions to help your child shine.

To us, that means we never stop improving: we continuously discover what our students need, and we develop solutions to address those needs ...

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