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The Quaker School is a Place Where Children Blossom

Here, children with complex challenges become confident learners, blossoming socially, academically and behaviorally as they discover the simple joys of childhood.

Birthday parties. Play dates. Best friends. Laughter.

It’s these little moments that define a childhood and enrich an educational curriculum.

That’s why our unique school community, built on acceptance, equality and Quaker values, focuses on helping children achieve both academic and social success.


It’s a place where real friendships are formed, a place where children rediscover their confidence in learning.

For nearly 35 years, we have served students with language-based learning disabilities – and we have evolved our school to meet the needs of our families.

  • 55 students in Lower School and Middle School programs
  • 40% of students diagnosed with autism
  • 60% of students diagnosed with ADHD combined with learning disabilities
  • Past student diagnoses include dyslexia, dyscalculia, auditory processing disorder, sensory processing disorder, anxiety and Asperger’s syndrome

We seek out and embrace children with these challenges, who we know will thrive in our specialized school environment.

In this safe setting, where expert teachers help children engage more effectively through research-based programs, children are happy and comfortable. Teachers are compassionate and involved. And parents are connected and reassured, as they watch their children make extraordinary progress.

We welcome you to our school, invite you to explore our programs, and hope you contact us to learn more.