How to Apply


The Quaker School Application Process

If you believe The Quaker School is right for your family, we welcome you to apply.

The steps below outline the typical application process; however, we are flexible and can work with families on an individual basis depending on your needs. 

How to Apply

Step 1: Meet & Tour 

  • Take a tour of the building.
  • Receive a  personalized program overview.
  • Discuss your child’s strengths and challenges, and reason for seeking a new school.
  • Take information home to review.
  • To begin this step, please contact admissions via phone, 215-674-2875 ext 14 or via email.


Step 2: Apply

  • Complete our online application. 
  • Submit an educational evaluation that shows your child’s current level of functioning (from within the past two years), along with any other relevant paperwork. 


Step 3: Review

  • The Admissions Team will review all paperwork and call you to share feedback and discuss any questions.
  • We may schedule an appointment to observe your child in their current school setting.


Step 4: Visit

  • If our learning environment will help your child and family, we will schedule a two- or three-day visit with your child at our school.
  • You will receive a Social Story and schedule prior to your child’s visit.
  • Visit day is a fun, supportive experience. Your child will spend the day meeting future classmates and teachers. Many students begin making friends this first day and don’t want to leave!
  • This visit allows you to decide if TQS is the right school for your child and family.


Once all these steps are complete, we will provide you with an admissions decision.  Families have 30 days from the receipt of enrollment contract to respond to offer of admissions.

“I am learning to be persistent. Writing is difficult for me. I learned about not giving up.”

-TQS Graduate

Ready to apply?

Contact us to schedule your visit (, or fill out our online application to begin the process.
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“Before The Quaker School, I felt left out and jealous of other students in my class. Now, I can fit in for the first time in my life.”

-TQS Student

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