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The Application Process

If you believe The Quaker School is right for your family, we welcome the opportunity to introduce you to our unique school and determine if TQS is the right place for your student to shine.

As always, this process is flexible -- we are happy to work with your family on an individual basis to help you explore admissions in a way that meets your needs.

How to Apply:  2022-2023 Admissions

Step 1: virtual meeting & tour

Contact us by phone (215-674-2875, ext 14) or email to start the conversation.  This may include:

  • Discussing your student's strengths, challenges, and reasons for seeking a new school.
  • Taking a virtual tour of our school building.
  • Receiving a  personalized program overview. 
  • Virtually meeting and asking questions to faculty and administrators.
  • Reviewing information electronically at home.


Step 2: apply

TQS is now accepting applications for school year 2022-2023.  Once we have the chance to "meet," you can:


step 3: review & decision

After receiving your application:

  • The Admissions Team will review all paperwork and contact you with feedback or questions.
  • Families have 30 days from receipt of an enrollment contract to respond to an offer of admissions.


“I am learning to be persistent. Writing is difficult for me. I learned about not giving up.”

-TQS Graduate

Ready to apply?

Contact us (215-674-2875, ext 14, or via email) to schedule your virtual meeting, or fill out our online application to begin the process.

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“Before The Quaker School, I felt left out and jealous of other students in my class. Now, I can fit in for the first time in my life.”

-TQS Student

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For children with complex challenges, however, literacy can be one of the most significant areas of need and support. 

When a student struggles with literacy, it impacts all areas of learning. At The Quaker School at Horsham, this is where a specialized method of literacy instruction comes in. 

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