What is a Quaker School?

A Quaker school education is based on the beliefs and testimonies of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

Quakers embrace the principles of tolerance, equality and spirituality. They believe the Inner Light, or God, is in each of us. Quaker schools reflect these philosophies in the classroom, creating a learning environment that is flexible, challenging and understanding.

Each Quaker school has its own unique style and personality. However, they all have a common purpose: to provide a rich and rewarding education, and to foster community, spirituality, responsibility and stewardship.

Quaker SPICES 

At TQS, we follow the Quaker SPICES, commonly referred to as testimonies, as guidelines for how we want to be treated and how we should treat others.  Our TQS community defines each testimony as follows.

SIMPLICITY: engaging in the joys and challenges of the present moment.

"Amanda keeps life simple, bringing harmony and nature together in all of her classes."

Peace: solving problems peacefully and collaboratively.

"Jeff has a peaceful and flexible nature. I appreciate his calm demeanor."

Integrity: following rules and being accountable for our actions and words.

"Nicole N. is honest and hardworking. I appreciate her sincerity in everything she does."

Community: being an active member of my school community.

"Dante is always positive and finds fun ways to make his classes exciting and engaging for everyone."

Equality: respecting the differences of others.

"Emily is an amazing advocate for our students ensuring they are seen and respected."

Stewardship: taking care of myself and my environment.

"Jonathan works tirelessly to ensure the school is safe and working properly."

Why a Quaker School?

Attending a Quaker school, also known as a Friends school, can be extremely rewarding. Hallmarks of The Quaker School experience include:

  • The belief that each child has unique gifts and talents
  • Open-mindedness and understanding
  • An emphasis on service, social action and learning by experience
  • Commitment to community, responsibility, stewardship and environmental sustainability

Do I have to be Quaker?

  • No you don’t. Nor do Quaker schools seek to convert others to the Friends religion.

  • Quakers deeply value a diverse religious atmosphere.
  • At most Friends schools, Quakers make up only a small portion of the student body.
  • The Quaker school environment helps children refine their own moral positions and consider their spiritual roots.

Questions about the Quaker school experience?

Contact or call us, and we will gladly provide you with more information.


Student sitting at Meeting for Worship

Students gather for Meeting for Worship and sit in silence. All those present are welcomed to stand and speak if they feel moved or inspired.