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Here at TQS, we see the significant impact making and beholding art has on our students every day. 

When performing in the play or creating visual artwork, TQS students learn empathy, self-regulation, language, communication, and reciprocity. They gain the self-confidence that comes from creating something beautiful – and they benefit from sharing that beauty with others.  

That’s why I’m so excited to invite parents to campus to enjoy their students' visual arts during the Art Show on March 19 and to see their children perform in the play on April 17 & 18.

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As a community, we continue to transform to meet the changing needs of our students. One of our most recent innovations? The Real World Ready program, now in its second year, which provides work and college experience to young adults ages 18 to 22. 

Yet as this program thrives and evolves, so must our campus – which is why I’m so proud to share that we are growing again by returning to our roots. 

Soon, TQS Upper School and the Real World Ready program will move back into the Horsham Friends Meetinghouse. Renovations have already begun. 

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Managing Impulses & Inhibiting Responding: Expert Talk #2 with Dr. Cheryl Ann Chase
Alex Brosowsky

Calling out in class before raising a hand … talking too much … saying embarrassing things in public … pushing to the front of the line at the playground … 

These are all common examples of why a young child might be called “impulsive” – and impulse control is an important topic related to executive functioning in children. That’s why it’s the second subject that Dr. Cheryl Ann Chase trained both TQS parents and educators on as part of our two-year working partnership

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