Expanding Our Reach. Deepening Our Impact. 

The Quaker School at Horsham Strategic Plan 

The Quaker School at Horsham’s Strategic Plan is the result of more than a year of determined, passionate work by 30 talented individuals who believe in our mission and see the vast potential of our future. 

This core group, made up of our leadership team, faculty members, trustees, parents, alumni and consultants, conducted dozens of interviews, held community forums, sent out hundreds of surveys and poured over a mountain of data. They did it all to ensure that TQS constructs a lasting vision of our future while preserving everything that makes our school so special.

“Expanding Our Reach. Deepening Our Impact.” reflects our commitment to research, professional learning, and growing both our human and financial resources to fulfill our mission and the promise we make to our students each day: 

  • to see and nurture the gifts of every child

  • to reinvigorate happiness and well-being

  • to foster emotional safety

  • to pioneer individual solutions

  • to recognize the light in each child

  • to help every child shine

The plan outlines the four major goals that will shepherd TQS into the future:

  • Program Expansion
  • Stronger Curriculum
  • Research & Leadership
  • Capacity Building

While at heart, The Quaker School has remained the same caring and nurturing community for 40 years, the future is one of innovation, lasting impact, and shining optimism.

We invite you to view, download, and share the plan to learn more about what's ahead for The Quaker School at Horsham, and shine bright with us as you play your own part in our next chapter.


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