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Why TQS Is Right For Your Family

Is The Quaker School Right for Your Family?

Finding the right learning environment for a child who struggles in a mainstream school setting can be overwhelming. Families may wonder: Will my child fit in? Will he make friends? Will she enjoy learning, and truly experience childhood?

We understand. At The Quaker School (TQS), we believe that the right place for your child exists – and that place may be here.


  • Does my child need a very small class size?
  • Does my child have a diagnosed disability?
  • Does my child struggle with social communication?
  • Does my child have difficulty expressing him or herself, or understanding others?
  • Is my child functioning below grade level in reading, writing and/or math?
  • Does my child need support in self-regulation?
  • Does my child need a specialized sensory diet?
  • Does my child struggle with attention, focus or organization?
  • Does my child have a hard time making friends?
  • Do I wish to be involved in my child's educational experience?

If you answer YES to most of these questions, contact us to learn more.


The majority of TQS students:

  • Struggle with socialization, attention, sensory processing, executive functioning, self regulation and academics
  • Have one or more formal diagnosis such as ADHD, specific learning disabilities, autism, auditory processing, anxiety, pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS) and Asperger’s syndrome
  • Transition to independent schools upon graduation (such as Delaware Valley Friends School, Woodlynde School, Christopher Dock Mennonite High School, Crefeld School, Hill Top Preparatory School, and Solebury School), or return renewed and prepared to their public high school.

Contact us to find out if The Quaker School can help your family, or begin the application process online.