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The Quaker School: Answers to Your Questions

What makes TQS a Quaker School? Do you have to be Quaker to attend?

A Quaker educator founded our school, which was originally located in the Horsham Monthly Meeting House of The Religious Society of Friends. You do not need to be Quaker to attend the school or to participate in any of the activities.

Our school philosophy is based on the peaceful Quaker tenets of respecting the dignity of everyone, accepting differences, celebrating diversity, and observing the Quaker principles of education. Learn more on our Quakerism page.


What payment options are available?

At TQS, we are committed to ensuring our school is accessible to as many families as possible. For this reason, financial aid is readily available for all grades. Twenty-eight percent of TQS families currently receive financial aid. Contact us to learn more.

TQS has four options for paying tuition and fees through Higher Education Services, Inc. (HES). Payment options are:

  • Single Payment Plan: Full tuition to be paid by June 1st. There is a $250 discount for selecting this option.
  • Regular Payment Plan: Tuition to be made in two payments: first payment (60%) by June 1st; and second payment (40%) by December 1st. The exact amount of each payment is specified in the enrollment agreement.
  • 11-Month Payment Plan: 11 equal payments due by the 1st of each month from June through April. There is a $70 fee to participate in the Monthly Plan.
  • 10-Month Payment Plan: 10 equal payments due by the 1st of each month from July through April. There is a $70 fee to participate in the Monthly Plan.

Families may pay by check, money order, or pre-authorized debit from your checking/savings account. Please make payable to TPP/HES and mail to TPP/HES P.O. Box 2653 Harrisburg, PA 17105.

Does TQS have a dress code \ uniform?

TQS does not require a uniform but does have guidelines that our students are expected to follow.

It is important for students to wear clothing that is neat, clean, free from tears, appropriate for the weather, in good taste, and in keeping with the philosophy of the school. TQS students spend time learning and playing indoors and outdoors, and they actively participate in wood shop, art and physical education classes.


Is tuition assistance offered?

The Quaker School is a special place, created with love and intention. An investment in a TQS education is an investment in the joy and confidence of your child, and his or her ability to become a lifelong learner.

At TQS, we are committed to ensuring this opportunity is within reach. For this reason, financial aid is readily available for all grades. Twenty-eight percent of TQS families currently receive financial aid. Families may apply for financial aid at the time of application.

We encourage you to begin the application process, or contact us to learn more.

What are the options for transportation?

If TQS is within 10 miles of your school district’s border, then your home district is required to provide transportation. Many families also car-pool with other families in their area.

During the Summer Enrichment Program (also called Extended School Year), transportation is only provided for students who receive funding for the program from their school districts.

How long is the school day?

Our school day starts at 8:15 a.m. Students may begin to arrive at 8:00 a.m. Staff will be on duty to supervise the students.

Dismissal at the end of the day begins at 3:15 p.m. Any students remaining after 3:30 p.m. are enrolled in the After School Program for the afternoon and subject to the daily drop-in fee.

What technology is available?

Technology is integrated throughout our program. Students are part of a one-to-one device program, where younger students have a classroom iPad and older children have their own Chromebook.  

There are many programs available to help students in reading, comprehension, math, writing and keyboarding. Our technology team is dedicated to finding and implementing assistive technology that is right for each student.


Are there additional costs beyond tuition?

We do not have additional fees and costs beyond tuition; any programming or field trips are included in the cost of attendance. 

If you decide you would like your child to receive 1:1 tutoring, private occupational speech and language, or physical therapy while at school, they would be provided at an additional cost.  We also provide an optional After School Program. There is an itemized list available from the business office.


What after school programs are offered?

We provide the After School Program on a regular or drop-in basis. Students receive homework support from expert teachers and engage in relaxing and prosocial activities.

We also have cross-country in the fall and softball in the spring. Children grades 5 - 9 can also partake in the drama program.  


What is the Summer Enrichment Program?

The Summer Enrichment Program (also called the Extended School Year) allows students to continue learning and building on skills throughout the year. Some children attend as a transition into our school year program.

The morning includes intensive tutoring and small group instruction; afternoons are recreational. Typical camp activities such as arts and crafts, sports, swimming and interesting assemblies are offered in the afternoon program.


How can I be involved as a parent?

Parents are encouraged to get involved in our school community in many ways:

  • Join the Parents’ Association
  • Chair a Parent Association event or fundraiser
  • Attend our Speaker Series, informational meetings that cover topics such as social skills development, helping children manage anxiety, how to how to manage accommodations for your child, how to get school district funding, where to find resources, and other special interests outside of school
  • Volunteer, either for special events or for regular support in areas such as the library or advancement office

Have additional questions?

Contact or call us. We are happy to provide you with more information.

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“Before The Quaker School, I felt left out and jealous of other students in my class. Now, I can fit in for the first time in my life.”

-TQS Student

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