Enriching the Student Experience with Specials

Our Specials program is designed to support students through creative expression, self-awareness, self-care, compassion, communication, movement, and more.  

Learn more about the Specials classes intertwined with our academic program. and meet the exceptional faculty who help bring learning to life.

Family & Consumer Science

FACS teaches students in grades K-12 life skills while they learn to collaborate and problem solve with other students.

Among the many great activities included in FACS, students use the culinary classroom for various cooking and baking projects.

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness provides students in grades K-12 with the knowledge, resources, and skills to make healthy choices that contribute to their overall well-being. 

Students participate in physical activities and demonstrate competency in a variety of motor skills and movement patterns.

Recreational Therapy

Recreational Therapy uses recreation and leisure-based interventions to increase or maintain an individual's physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and spiritual well-being.

Students in grades K-12 participate in 30-45-minute therapeutic groups that include horticulture, music, dance and therapeutic arts.

Haimy Daba, FACS teacher

Haimy Daba, FACS teacher

Dante Lanzetta, Health & Wellness teacher

Camryn Brumfield, Recreational Therapy teacher

Social Development

Social Development engages students in grades K-8 in interactive classroom activities and school community engagement.  

Students learn to understand and manage their emotions, build and maintain healthy relationships, make responsible decisions, and set and achieve goals.

Yoga & Mindfulness

Students in grades K-12 attend Yoga & Mindfulness classes once per schedule rotation. The classes  introduce students to yoga poses, mindful movement, meditation and mindfulness techniques, as well as other contemplative practices and stress-reduction techniques.

Students performing yoga stretches outside

Randi McCreesh, Social Development teacher

Amanda Hendricks, Yoga & Mindfulness teacher