Our Mission

Creating a Community Where Each Child Blossoms

Our Mission: The Quaker School at Horsham uses research-based programs provided by compassionate professionals to enable each student with complex challenges to blossom and achieve meaningful personal, social and academic success.

How do we fulfill this mission?

  • Academics: Our programs strengthen the learning potential of children who have not previously experienced school success.
  • Community: Students love our school because they feel included and successful. Parents love it because they feel supported – and their children are happy.
  • Support: Our ability to provide the best student experience stems from the generosity of our community.

Our Philosophy

The Quaker School at Horsham is a compassionate community that builds trusting relationships among students, parents, therapists, faculty and staff.

The students at TQS have struggled in traditional schools and come with a pressing need for a safe learning environment where they can confidently face the challenges of learning. These students have a mix of disabilities: ADHD, learning disabilities, autism, expressive and receptive language disorders, and anxiety disorders. At TQS, we use the latest findings from educational research to guide our curriculum and nurture our students’ inherent curiosity and desire to learn.

TQS equips students with the skills needed to develop fulfilling personal relationships and lead meaningful lives. The underlying basis for all things at TQS is the fundamental Quaker belief that there is the Light of God within every person, and that we are meant to share that Light through our efforts, our gifts, and our actions.

Ready to see our mission and philosophy in action? 

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“Leading the Change is the most far-reaching strategic plan in our school's history,  yet I have never been more confident in our community's ability to accomplish our goals. Together, we will deliver bold leadership, authentic engagement, emboldened people, unparalleled programs, and audacious innovation - and we will impact the lives of even more individuals with complex challenges.” -Alex Brosowsky, Head of School

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