Virtual TQS

Our faculty and staff are thrilled to connect with our students through Virtual TQS.  Our plan for Virtual TQS will not only continue to build our students' skills and education, but also continue to help grow their confidence from home.  

The assignments and activities will span subjects, including writing, reading comprehension, language arts, word study, math, and more to provide variety for students.  

We will work through any issues or glitches together and continue to -- shine on!

To help our families navigate through Virtual TQS, we have created a resource guide inclusive of the school schedule and technology resources.

View the guide                    View our student expectations

Families may also find it helpful to review the daily schedule for your student by clicking on their homeroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

A reference document for families to find answers to frequently asked questions about Virtual TQS, student evaluations and observations, school district information and school schedules.

View the Q & A