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Here at The Quaker School at Horsham, food is not only about caring and connection, but also about helping children flourish. Our students face social and academic learning challenges, and there is a growing body of knowledge that autism, ADHD and other neurodevelopmental disorders often coexist with food allergies or sensitivities. 

We invite you to browse our Healthy Meals & Shining Moments cookbook to find healthy recipes that you can enjoy cooking with your children.  A mix of vegetarian, allergen-free, gluten-free and casein-free recipes are included. Enjoy!

Plan a Positive Week

At TQS we believe that every child with complex challenges can blossom and achieve meaningful personal, social and academic success -- especially those outside of our TQS walls. In support of this belief, we have created a resource guide for parents, grandparents and other caregivers, Shine Together Every Day: How to Plan a Positive Week for Children with Complex Challenges.

The resource guide includes techniques on how to encourage with praise, engage your child in physical activity, bring joy and laughter to the day and how to reflect with gratitude. A checklist is also included to help you and your child plan a positive week.

To receive your free electronic copy, simply send us an email

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Welcome back to school and various colored pencils

Welcome (or, welcome back) to The Quaker School at Horsham! As we open our doors for the 40th year of our school’s existence, I find myself reflecting on how much this welcome actually means to our students and families. 

For 40 years, students have left schools that did not appreciate their gifts, and TQS has accepted their presence with pleasure in order to help them grow and thrive. For 40 years, our students have been greeted hospitably by loving and highly-skilled teachers as they stepped off the bus on the first day of school. For 40 years, children with complex challenges have been finding community, friendship, fun, hope, and bright futures on our welcoming campus.

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Introducing our New Faculty Members for the 22-23 School year

While much has changed since The Quaker School opened our doors four decades ago (beyond the shoulder-padded fashions and the transition from blackboard to smart devices!), one thing has remained constant: 

For 40 years, TQS has started each school year by welcoming new students and faculty into our halls. Each year, these new additions make our community, and our mission, stronger. This year is no exception. 

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