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The Beautiful Art Created by TQS Students

Here at TQS, we see the significant impact making and beholding art has on our students every day. 

When performing in the play or creating visual artwork, TQS students learn empathy, self-regulation, language, communication, and reciprocity. They gain the self-confidence that comes from creating something beautiful – and they benefit from sharing that beauty with others.  

That’s why I’m so excited to invite parents to campus to enjoy their students' visual arts during the Art Show on March 19 and to see their children perform in the play on April 17 & 18.

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As a community, we continue to transform to meet the changing needs of our students. One of our most recent innovations? The Real World Ready program, now in its second year, which provides work and college experience to young adults ages 18 to 22. 

Yet as this program thrives and evolves, so must our campus – which is why I’m so proud to share that we are growing again by returning to our roots. 

Soon, TQS Upper School and the Real World Ready program will move back into the Horsham Friends Meetinghouse. Renovations have already begun. 

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As I walk the warm and inviting halls of our wonderful school, I am often reminded of the rich tapestry of Quaker values and teachings that form the bedrock of our esteemed institution. 

I find it amazing that, regardless of when first spoken, the words of Quaker teachers and philosophers continue to echo in our classrooms and our hearts, guiding us to foster a nurturing community founded on morality and unwavering care. 

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This year, TQS will be inviting parents and guardians into the classroom to do some learning of their own. 

TQS hired renowned clinical psychologist Dr. Cheryl Chase to design an executive functioning curriculum for our school and spend two years training our faculty on delivering the curriculum.  However, since our goal is for our students to find the right-fit path forward to fulfilling their full potential, our interventions are at their best with a strong family partnership. 

For this reason, TQS will offer this executive-functioning training for parents as well as faculty. 

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This past week, I had the privilege of spending the day with an inspiring group of professionals. These dedicated individuals are at the top of their fields, care deeply about children with complex challenges, and share our commitment to TQS’s unique and life-changing mission. 

The best part? These professionals are now all part of our TQS family. 

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Here at TQS, relationships are core to our educational model – and we want to give every child the opportunity to forge meaningful, lasting bonds with peers, faculty, and staff. 

This is especially important in our Sassafras program, which enables young students with more challenging autism to develop the skills they need to succeed. 

That’s why I’m especially excited to introduce one of our new staff members. Seda Mkrticheva has joined our team as the new Director of the Sassafras program,

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Leading the Change: TQS's New Strategic Direction

We aren’t afraid to evolve with the latest research, set big goals, and execute complex strategies. We aren’t afraid to make bold strides. This stems directly from our community. TQS is a place where parents, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and supporters CARE. That's why I'm so excited about the opportunity for us all to shine together in a new direction with our latest plan, Leading the Change.

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Gratitude and Admiration

We continuously strive to ensure all feel welcomed and loved within our walls – and one way we must do that is by acknowledging and celebrating the faiths and traditions of all our community members. 

That’s why today, I am writing to share my gratitude and admiration for the wonderful teachers in our community who are observing the holy month of Ramadan. 

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