TQS Spotlight: A Shining Example--Quaker Value Dog Treats

Dear Families:

I know that the transition from the school year to the summer can be a little ruff, so I’m coming to you today with the second installment of our good-vibes newsletter, Shining Example. 

Today’s spotlight? A doggone amazing TQS project: The Quaker Value Dog Treats business. 

The capstone project of Business Literacy class, The Quaker Value Dog Treats have been making campus and family pups happy for several weeks. But do you know the story behind how this business came to be? 

It started last year, when the Upper School students developed the business idea and kicked it off by researching recipes. (The campus pups were happy to serve as testers.) The students decided the recipes should be simple and the ingredients all-natural and easily recognizable. They were concerned about dogs’ health and wellness, as well as taste. Their hard work paid off – both Zelda and Lily agreed with the final recipe selection.

To get the business started, students split into working groups based on their interests: baking, marketing, finance, design, and quality control. 

They identified web design and social media marketing needs, set up the online business, researched regulations, and secured the licensing to produce dog food. Then, each group got to work.

The bakers created both large- and small-sized biscuits, and the marketing group selected and ordered packaging. The design group created a logo, which is printed on a circular sticker placed on every package, as well as an ingredient sticker label. The finance group created a requisition form, which the baking group uses to order supplies, and then finance researches and approves the purchases. Finance created a Google spreadsheet to track revenue and expenses. The marketing and sales group wrote a letter introducing The Quaker Value Dog Treats business to TQS families – and sent out an order form. 

It was a success. Many of you already use these forms to make purchases, and your dogs have been enjoying these delicious and heartwarmingly shaped treats for weeks. 

So, what happens when your order is placed? The baking group fulfills order, and the quality control group ensures orders are packaged correctly. Quality control also makes sure each bag has a logo sticker in front and ingredient list on the back. 

Throughout the process, students are not only learning about baking, spreadsheets, consistency, quality of product, and communication, but also how to work collaboratively in teams and across teams with various functions. They are becoming more accountable, and they are enjoying their success – the orders and positive reviews keep coming in. 

The Quaker Value Dog Treats business is just one shining example of how TQS students learn beyond the classroom, gaining real-world skills they can apply for life. 

If you’re interested in purchasing some delicious treats for your pup, or a pup in your life, stay tuned for when orders reopen in September. It’s a great way to make your dogs – and our TQS students – tail-waggingly happy.

Shine on,