TQS Presenting at FAN EXPO Philadelphia

TQS Presenting at FAN EXPO Philadelphia

Dear Families:

“That’s the thing about being a leader … You have to find that approval in yourself.” – Hawkeye (Secret Avengers #21.1)

Did you know that one of the Marvel X-Men has dyscalculia? (Jubilee.) Or that one comic book hero has cerebral palsy? (Eddie McDonough, aka Hornet). Or how about the hero who saves the day time and again despite his deafness? (Hawkeye).

Just like we at The Quaker School believe that many complex challenges can also be “superpowers,” so does the comic book world – and they’ve showcased superheroes with disabilities for decades. Yet how come more of us don’t know about the challenges facing these awesome superhuman characters? 

That’s what we’re setting out to change – and we’re doing so on a BIG stage. 

On Saturday, June 3, Ian Pearsall and I will be speaking at FAN EXPO Philadelphia on the topic “From Adversity to Superhumanity: The Triumphs of Superheros with Disabilities.” 

In our 11:30 a.m. Saturday session, we’ll be introducing the audience to superheroes who not only fight against evil but also against the stigma and discrimination that comes with their disabilities. We’ll explore the historical representation of disabilities in comics and how it has evolved over time, how these characters thrive despite their disabilities, and how their representation in comics can promote pride and diversity acceptance.

You can’t tell by reading these words alone, but trust me when I say I AM SO EXCITED. 

As a huge fan of the comic book world – and as a parent and school leader who sees the positive impact these stories can have on children with complex challenges – it is an honor to raise awareness about the representation of disabilities in comics. 

These characters, just like our TQS students, inspire us to embrace our differences and use them as strengths to achieve our goals. 

If you are planning to attend FAN EXPO this year, I would be so thrilled if you would join our session. Please reply to this email and let me know if we’ll see you there – or consider sharing this news with a friend. In the meantime …

“We can do anything. We can be anyone. That’s the definition of being alive. That’s magic.”  – Jubilee (X-23, 2010, #12)

Shine on,