Renovations at TQS

Dear Families:

“We love what we do—every day. We bring expertise to the table. We love to learn and discover opportunities together, and we find the best possible solutions.” 

At first glance, you may think this philosophy was pulled straight from the pages of the TQS website, as it aligns so closely with our own approach. 

In actuality, it describes SAGE Design-Build, Inc., the design and construction company that has been selected to renovate our school’s atrium and library spaces — and we could not be more excited about this partnership. 

Along with passion for their work, SAGE has deep expertise in the education space and has worked with many academic institutions in the area, including The Swain School. Together with Blackney Hayes Architects and Carmen Bushong, who also designed our new wing, SAGE will expand our school space to better support project-based learning and offer us flexible ways to grow in the future. 

This extensive, exciting project will include:

  • Converting the atrium into an L-shaped hallway

  • Creating a beautiful new classroom space

  • Developing a large, purposefully built Occupational Therapy room, which Blackney Hayes architects designed specifically for TQS students based on input from our long-term occupational therapist Terry Carroll

  • Adding offices for social work and speech therapy, and breakout spaces for 1:1 instruction and small groups

  • Converting the cabin classroom into a yoga studio

  • Building two offices and a flex space in the old library/yoga studio area 

  • Maintaining the same-size open space to be used as a flex/PBL area

Our plan is to begin construction on December 21, 2021, and the redesign will continue for approximately eight weeks. 

As always, safety is our top priority and plays an immense role in the planning and design of these new projects. We are committed to creating spaces that allow our students to learn and grow while accommodating their unique needs and adhering to all health and safety regulations. No matter what the world looks like, today or in the future, our school spaces will continue to be a safe haven for our students. 

Thank you to all TQS families for your partnership and support in the growth of our school — we are so delighted to have the opportunity to create these life-changing new spaces for your children. 

Shine on,


P.S. Have questions about the redesign project? Don’t hesitate to hit reply and ask me anything.