Introducing our Newest Members of the Clinical Services Team

Dear Families:

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." – Henry Ford

The final countdown to the 2021-2022 school year is officially on—and as you are likely now aware, with the start of the school year comes the start of our new school schedule: a completely revitalized structure designed to better help our students achieve success.  

This schedule not only adds many benefits to our TQS students’ lives, but also adds new team members who will provide transformative support and care. Let me introduce you to…

Lisa Saltzman, our full-time speech and language pathologist. Lisa will spend her time going into classrooms, observing students, collaborating with teachers, and providing 1:1 support. 

While Lisa is not exactly new to our community (she worked here part-time a few years ago), I am delighted to welcome her as a full-time faculty member—a role that is now available because of our new schedule. With its six-day rotation, the schedule ensures that students receiving 1:1 or group therapies will have minimal class disruption. 

Lisa recently wrote to me: “Teaching students with varied needs means you need to know your students, strengths, and weaknesses so we can utilize the strengths to support the weaknesses. Team collaboration between teachers, and therapists will help ensure optimal success for our students.” It’s a sentiment that perfectly summarizes our commitment to helping all of our students thrive. Next up, meet…

Erica Mohan, our second full-time speech and language pathologist. Erica will be observing students, going into classrooms, collaborating with teachers, and providing 1:1 support.  

Like Lisa, Erica began at TQS as a part-time contractor, during which time she impressed us all with her knowledge, dedication, expertise, and willingness to put in extra time for her students. (She also has a ridiculously cute dog named Tucker who will join her on campus on some days.) 

Erica says she decided to join our tribe full-time because of “the family bond that all staff, faculty, and students have built, as well as seeing my students' potential. I love when I see a student succeed/reach their speech goals because it gives them confidence in themselves.” 

In addition to Erica, meet...

Nori Weller, Upper School social worker, and Brittney McGinn, K-8 social worker. Every student will work 1:1 with a clinical social worker this year—an added service driven by the need for social and emotional support created by the pandemic and facilitated by the new schedule. The amount of time spent 1:1 will depend on the needs of each student. 

Nori, a long-term TQS faculty member, is thrilled to take on this role in our growing Upper School, and both Nori and Brittney will add wonderful support for our students. And finally...

Randi McCreesh, Teacher for TQS’ signature Social Development program. Social Development is a regular special for all K-8 students, providing all Lower and Middle School students with regular evidence-based social skills instruction. 

Randi is bringing years of experience to this role, and I am eager to see where she takes this already impactful program. She says, “I practice a holistic teaching philosophy and place great emphasis on addressing the emotional, social, and academic needs of our students. I create a welcoming environment where all students feel free and comfortable to be themselves without judgment. A place where students feel valued and loved as they become confident and compassionate learners.”

I am thrilled to welcome each one of these exceptional professionals onto the TQS Clinical Team—and I am so grateful that our innovative new schedule offered us the opportunity to do so. 

The thoughtful, intentional work that went into the new schedule redesign is helping to ensure that each of our students makes meaningful social, behavioral, and academic strides this year. I cannot wait to see these faculty members and our students #shinetogether in the 2021-2022 school year.

Shine on,