Enrollment is Blossoming

Dear Families: 

“Life is a paradise for those who love many things with a passion.” — Leo Buscaglia

What are you doing when you are at your happiest? When you feel the most joyful, or at ease, or like your truest self? 

I would guess that many of us chose to spend our spring breaks doing those exact things. Perhaps for you that meant traveling, spending time with family and friends, laughing, dining, dancing, reading, maybe even swimming. Or perhaps it meant something completely different and unique to your genuine interests. 

Spending time doing what we love makes us feel relaxed, connected, and whole. However, this type of pure joy is too often relegated to the breaks in “real life” – the holidays, the vacations, the summer recess. What if instead, we looked for ways to bring more of this joy into our everyday lives? 

That’s what we often think about during admissions season here at The Quaker School at Horsham.

When new families visit our school, we recognize the hopes they bring with them. They want their child to find the everyday happiness that they have been missing. They want their child to experience joy in learning. They want their child encouraged to be their truest self. 

That’s our mission here at TQS. We help students with complex challenges blossom socially, behaviorally, and academically – and new families can sense it. Here’s what a few shared with me early this spring:

“He loved being there. He had tears in his eyes this morning at the current school drop off asking if he could go to his new school instead.” 

“She woke up this morning requesting to be taken to Quaker School instead of her regular school. She enjoyed making art and feeling like she can learn.”

During this season, meeting those who will benefit from this life-changing place is what brings me joy – but also heartache. That’s because even with the new wing, our building can only hold so many students, and we must turn some away. 

Of the hundred that apply, a small amount are selected to visit the school. Of those that visit this year, only 22 will join the TQS community. 

Today, only 12 of those spots remain.

The two students in this letter and a handful of others have been admitted, and I cannot wait to see them thrive. Yet I hate denying this experience to others. Therefore, if you are considering TQS for your child’s future, please contact Lori in admissions very soon (admissions@quakerschool.org). 

Whether it’s their first or 500th day of school, TQS students find joy and happiness infused into everyday life. We look forward to extending this experience to our new students this fall!

Shine on,