Changes to Masking Policy

Changes to Masking Policy

Dear TQS Families,

"Every day is a renewal, every morning the daily miracle. This joy you feel is life." 

— Gertrude Stein

You may call me overly optimistic for referring to March as “early spring,” but tell that to the bright red buds forming on the tree outside my window. Even coated in layers of ice from last week’s storm, they grow vibrant and strong — the same way our community is growing, changing, and awakening into a new season. 

This year’s theme, Reunited & Reimagined, has never been more true than during this time. As we move into a phase of promise and renewal, we have many new things blossoming at TQS …

Beginning March 7, the Quaker School at Horsham will be mask-optional. Plummeting case rates and widespread vaccinations are allowing those of us who wish to go without a mask to do so, regardless of vaccination status. 

While I am very eager to see all of our students’ faces again, it’s important that we all respect individual choice. Many of our community members will remain masked, and there are many reasons a person may decide to mask. Our school’s core values of integrity and community compel us to treat each other with dignity and respect at all times, about all topics. 

Students and teachers will be moved into our school’s new spaces by March 11. Construction is complete, and the school has received its certificate of occupancy from Horsham Township, which means: 

  • Jen Flaherty and her Homeroom students are exiting the cabin and heading back into the TQS building. 

  • Purpose-designed rooms await Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Applied Behavior Analysis, and Physical Therapy students in the new Clinical Services wing. 

  • Students will now have access to the stunning, newly-renovated Yoga Studio in the cabin, a space that simply invites quiet mindfulness and thoughtful movement.

To those of you who donated to these life-changing new spaces, thank you! I will be offering parent tours during the TQS Annual Conference, where you will also have the opportunity to learn from Dr. Robert Brooks.  Registration is now open. 

Families will once again be allowed in the building when dropping off their student for late arrival or picking up their student for early dismissal.   Upon entering the main entrance, please ring the bell located to the right of the doors.  Once inside, please fill-in the sign-in and sign-out sheet located on the front desk and remain seated on the bench.  A faculty or staff member will walk your student to you.

In addition to moving into new spaces, TQS is bringing our community back together. Sharply falling infection rates and relaxed governmental guidelines are allowing us to bring back some of our community's favorite traditions, such as:

  • The Play! Students will perform in a daytime production with few costumes or props yet all of the acting, art, and joy for which our annual play is known. Communications are coming soon with details about how you can attend and watch your student perform. 

  • Spirit Day! In May, students will enjoy a day of sports, friendly competition, sunshine, games, and, most of all, joy. 

  • The Cookout! After our Back-to-School Cookout was canceled due to a terrible host of tornados and then rain on the rain date, we are keeping with our theme of being reunited and reimagined by hosting an End-of-Year Cookout. Details will follow, but save the date of June 2 from 4-6 for food, fun, and community celebration. 

As we watch the world around us thaw, emerging back to full bloom, I cannot wait to see all of us in the TQS community truly shining together. 

Shine on,