Messages from Our Head of School

A Light at the End of a Tunnel

When you’ve been searching for the light at the end of the tunnel for so long, it’s no wonder that, when it finally begins to shine, it makes your eyes a little teary. 

I know that’s what happened to me anyway, after I read Governor Wolf’s announcement this week that all COVID mitigations mandated by the state of Pennsylvania will end at 12:01 a.m. on Memorial Day. 

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Sometimes, the heavy issues we face in this country can weigh on us, demoralize us, and make us feel like society is so deeply fissured that there is no hope of healing. 

Yet it is in these bleak times that it’s important to remember: just because America feels divided doesn’t mean it needs to be. The vast majority of people care for and believe in each other, and, when invited into the conversation, will work toward a more inclusive and just society. 

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The Power of Partnership

One thing that this challenging year has made us all recognize and newly appreciate is the power of partnership. 

Here at TQS, we have always held the belief that we are not simply educating students but partnering with families, working together to ensure each child blossoms

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Rest and Renew

The most beautiful things emerge in spring. From the first tiny crocus splitting the earth with a burst of violet ... to the first tiny beak breaking through a blue robin’s egg … to the first budding leaves unfurling from the Okame Cherry trees. It’s a time that begs for renewal and growth, and it is lovely.  The same beautiful renewal is happening in our TQS hallways.

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A Time of Transition

Spring is always a time of transition. This spring, more than ever, feels like a dichotomy between the old and the new, the dark and the light. Over 90 percent of our faculty are now vaccinated. Montgomery County is back in Moderate Transmission Zone after a terrible disease surge. Our students are happy to come to school each day.  

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Employment Literacy

The unemployment rates of individuals with disabilities caused me recently to reflect on the critical importance of the TQS Employment Literacy Program, which allows Upper School students to pursue their passions, use adult-world communication and organizational skills, and become independent learners through authentic projects and assessments. 

This program is such an important extension of our school’s philosophy, which states: “[we] equip students with the skills needed to develop fulfilling personal relationships and lead meaningful lives.” Engaging in work that is purposeful and rewarding provides meaning to life, and we believe all of our students can and should experience this satisfaction. 

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The Growth of our Students

Yes, it’s February in the Mid-Atlantic, and it has been snowing A LOT. The sky is gray, we’re stuck inside, and, while fun for sledding and snowmen, it’s pretty inconvenient for school and work. So I thank you all for your patience with delayed openings, snow days, virtual days, and indoor recesses. 

Despite the bitter cold outside, our TQS students continue to grow and shine both in our classrooms and our HyFlex program. 

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A Valentine's Day Gift

The time of year has arrived when we shower the people we care about with our love and affection. Sometimes, this comes in the form of flowers. Other times, chocolate. Still others, a handmade card. 

With this spirit of selfless devotion in mind, I decided to get all of you a little Valentine’s Day present this year. (After all, I consider everyone in this community to be “someone special.”) 

Are you ready to find out what it is? It’s …

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