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Shining Example: A TQS Spotlight

With so many wonderful moments happening within our school walls each day, it can be difficult to share them all. Yet all of these stories, projects, and tiny triumphs are meaningful to our students, our faculty, and our families, and they deserve a spotlight. 

That’s why I’m starting a new email series, Shining Example: A TQS Spotlight, to share more of these special moments with you – and our first story comes from grade 10’s Business Literacy 200 class. 

These students recently came up with a new business concept: a TQS school store.

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A variety of flowers blooming

Spending time doing what we love makes us feel relaxed, connected, and whole. However, this type of pure joy is too often relegated to the breaks in “real life” – the holidays, the vacations, the summer recess. What if instead, we looked for ways to bring more of this joy into our everyday lives? 

That’s what we often think about during admissions season here at The Quaker School at Horsham.

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Changes to Masking Policy

You may call me overly optimistic for referring to March as “early spring,” but tell that to the bright red buds forming on the tree outside my window. Even coated in layers of ice from last week’s storm, they grow vibrant and strong — the same way our community is growing, changing, and awakening into a new season. 

This year’s theme, Reunited & Reimagined, has never been more true than during this time. As we move into a phase of promise and renewal, we have many new things blossoming at TQS …

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Reflecting on Black History Month

As parents, we know that part of our job is to have big conversations with our kids about life’s important topics. Yet when these topics are complex, charged, or nuanced, it can be difficult to know where to start.

That’s why, when it comes to having life’s big conversations with my own children or our TQS students, I find peace in our school’s Quaker roots. 

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Hope and Optimism

Even in the depths of January, when the sky looks like wet newspaper and the air is so cold it punches you in the gut, I find it amazing that most people still look up with optimism.  That’s what I love about our TQS community.

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End of Calendar Year Message

These past few weeks have been ones of reflection for my family and I, so when I happened to hear the familiar chords of “Auld Lang Syne” on the radio, it made me pause.  What struck me about the lyrics to this song, however, was that they’re not only about reflecting on the past, but of using those past memories to spark happiness today and into the future.  

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