Messages from Our Head of School

The Growth of our Students

Yes, it’s February in the Mid-Atlantic, and it has been snowing A LOT. The sky is gray, we’re stuck inside, and, while fun for sledding and snowmen, it’s pretty inconvenient for school and work. So I thank you all for your patience with delayed openings, snow days, virtual days, and indoor recesses. 

Despite the bitter cold outside, our TQS students continue to grow and shine both in our classrooms and our HyFlex program. 

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A Valentine's Day Gift

The time of year has arrived when we shower the people we care about with our love and affection. Sometimes, this comes in the form of flowers. Other times, chocolate. Still others, a handmade card. 

With this spirit of selfless devotion in mind, I decided to get all of you a little Valentine’s Day present this year. (After all, I consider everyone in this community to be “someone special.”) 

Are you ready to find out what it is? It’s …

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The Promise of Spring and a Brighter Tomorrow

On the darkest days, Winter feels deep, heavy, and endless. This Winter season, especially, seems to have blurred its boundaries, and the dark days that should have passed have lingered for far too long. 

COVID cases in our country are extraordinarily high. Hospitals are at capacity. Many of us have lost loved ones. Our nation is strained by Capitol riots, divisive rhetoric, and rampant inequality. 

Yet in even the deepest Winters, the promise of Spring appears. 

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Good-bye to 2020

I think it’s safe to say that we were all “made” in some way by this past year -- and I, for one, am looking forward to calling 2020 “history.” 

This year made us more resilient … more aware … more involved … more accepting. It made us realize what’s most important, and what no longer serves us. It made us closer, even while keeping us apart.

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Building a Strong Foundation

This year, the act of building a strong foundation for our TQS students has taken on new meaning. 

Not only are we preparing each student with the skills and supports they need to stand strong in their education and their future, but we’ve also literally watched our school expand from the foundation up in the shape of a new, vibrant wing that will make an immeasurable impact on our community. 

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New Mitigation Efforts for Pennsylvania K-12 Schools

Yesterday, as I am sure you have seen, Governor Wolf announced new mitigation efforts to combat the rising number of COVID-19 cases in Pennsylvania.  Included in the state’s new “pause” directives is the cancellation of all in-person extracurricular and sports activities for schools K-12.  We are absolutely able to meet these requirements and are gratified that TQS can remain open for all who wish to continue with their school days in person.

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Classes Resume and Preparing for Winter

As the brilliance of fall begins to seep into the neutrals of winter, we are reminded that the shifting seasons often mirror the energy of our own lives. Summer excitement leads to fall adventures, which then leads to a hibernation of sorts, when life moves indoors and families huddle close. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is making this subtle difference in seasons even starker. As expected, the cold months of 2020 are bringing with them a rise in cases across the country, forcing us to revisit our activities and set new expectations for the season ahead. 

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Preparation and Dedication

While this year has certainly been a challenge, it has also been a blessing. It allowed us all to slow down and focus on what matters. It gave us space to reevaluate our priorities, set new standards, and spend time with our loved ones. And while the bad at times seemed to outweigh the good, there were always specks of hope to be found amongst the despair. 

That’s why, despite it all, I am grateful for so much in 2020. 

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