See All That is Happening at The Quaker School at Horsham

Preparing for Noreaster #4

On our first day of spring and as we prepare for our fourth Noreaster, one of our lower school students checked on the chickens this morning! All is well in the hen house!

100 Days

Our middle school students celebrated our 100th day of school by making 100 baskets!

Saddling up again!

We are thrilled to have our first group of the year begin at Special Equestrians. Our 9th Grade/TAP students had a great time riding.

Kindness Tree

TQS has activated our community to have 100 random acts of kindness by February 14th. These kind acts will be displayed on our Kindness Tree. We kicked things off by recognizing students during our start of the week school-wide Collection.

What's the Matter?

Students in Homeroom 9 have been learning about the different states of matter. Using dry ice, the class conducted experiments to learn how matter changes.