Summer Enrichment Program

Fostering a Love of Learning, All Year Long

Learning doesn’t end with the school year at The Quaker School. Our Summer Enrichment Program helps children with complex challenges entering grades 1-12 retain and enhance their language arts, math and social skills during the summer.  

About the Program
  • Students enroll for the full five-week program, June 26 - July  28, 2023; we will be closed July 3 and 4.
  • The program is held Monday through Friday.
  • Optional services are available for an additional fee.
  • Students are taught in small groups, using strategies that fit their learning style, for 30 minutes.  Academic classes include Math, Reading, Writing, and Word Study/Creative Writing.

Service Options

  • Speech and Language 
    • 45-minutes
    • 1 session/week for a total of 5 sessions
    • Per session cost = $146
  • Occupational Therapy
    • 45-minutes
    • 1 session/week for a total of 5 sessions
    • Per session cost = $146
  • Physical Therapy
    • 45-minutes
    • 1 session/week for a total of 5 sessions
    • Per session cost = $146


The tuition cost for the full five week Summer Enrichment Program is $5,066. The per session cost for our available services is listed above.


Please note the following parameters regarding bus transportation versus private transportation to and from TQS throughout the duration of the Summer Enrichment Program.

  1. Parameter #1: If you currently have an approved settlement agreement on file, school district bus transportation will only be provided if this is included in the agreement. *An approved settlement agreement on file does not necessarily guarantee transportation will be provided.*
  2. Parameter #2: If your student is participating in the Summer Enrichment Program and you are paying privately, you are responsible for the transportation for your student to and from school.

If you have questions or are uncertain if school district bus transportation will be provided for your student, please contact Ian Pearsall, Director of Student Activities.

Enrollment Process

  1. Click on the link below and complete the online application for our 2023 Summer Enrichment Program.
  2. Submit any required psychological, medical and education records to Ian Pearsall (
  3. Once the submitted application is reviewed and approved and all required records, as outline in step #2, are received, an enrollment contract for the 2023 Summer Enrichment Program will sent to the email addresses listed on the submitted online application.

Apply Online

Questions & Inquiries

Please direct all questions and inquiries about the Summer Enrichment Program to Ian Pearsall, Director of Student Activities.

Contact Ian

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