Signature Programs

Enriching Student Lives with Unique Experiences

Elective and enrichment courses help TQS students engage in our school environment. Students have a variety of opportunities to explore their interests, passions and skills.


The Culinary Classroom

TQS students get hands-on farm-to-table experience by growing and harvesting crops, preparing food and eating together in our state-of-the-art teaching kitchen, which is complete with greenhouse and raised garden beds.

Students learn fine motor skills, planning, organizing and measuring, along with nutrition and vital vocational skills. It’s a unique opportunity to bring learning to life outside the traditional classroom.

Research and Design Lab

Design thinking and innovation abound in our research and design lab, where students work on projects that range from 3D printing, to building a trebuchet that launches pumpkins, to rocketry.

Ice Skating

School-wide ice skating is a tradition that began with our school’s founding. For five mornings in January and February, students and teachers attend ice-skating sessions on Fridays. Parents, family and friends are invited to join.

The final session is a Skate-a-Thon fundraiser. Students raise money by skating laps, and funds are donated to a worthy charity such as Hope Children’s Home in Guyana

Special Equestrians

This 8-week therapeutic riding program introduces all TQS students to the healing power of horses, as they develop coping skills and overcome fears of unknown experiences. By riding and interacting with horses, students develop new relationships with the animals, the horse trainers, and each other.


For children with complex challenges, the positive effects of regular yoga practice can reach into many aspects of life. TQS employs a full-time yoga teacher who uses the acclaimed Grounded Kids Yoga program to guide instruction for all students.


Field Trips

TQS classes enjoy a variety of field trips each year.

Past trips have included stops at the Museum of Moving Image, Sony Wonderland Tech Lab, Central Park Zoo, Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island, the Museum of Natural History/Hayden Planetarium, a scavenger hunt on the Highline, and Broadway Shows, Pennsbury Manor for PA Day, Medieval Times, the National Constitution Center, walking tours of Philadelphia, Crystal Cave, and S.P.L.A.S.H. - The Delaware River Steamboat.

New York City Trip: 8th-grade students explore The Big Apple for an all-day field trip that includes experiencing public transportation, exploring city neighborhoods, and dining at iconic locations such as Chelsea Market.


TQS also offers a variety of special co-curricular learning opportunities that enrich our school day. Specials include:

  •  Yoga
  • Research and Design
  • Art and Ceramics
  • Affinities

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“Before The Quaker School, I felt left out and jealous of other students in my class. Now, I can fit in for the first time in my life.”

-TQS Student

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