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  • Complex Challenges
Overcoming Hurdles: A Look at "Complex Challenges" & What They Mean to Students

The word “hurdles” is an interesting one. As a noun, it means an obstacle or difficulty that one has to overcome. Yet as a verb, hurdles means jumping over an obstacle or barrier — literally overcoming that difficulty blocking your path. 

This dichotomy really hit me as I watched amazing athletes with disabilities gather for the Tokyo Paralympic Games this year to compete at the highest levels of sportsmanship.

  • TQS Book Club
TQS Book Club Topic #5: Encouraging Resilience in Your Child

Right now, so many parents are wondering the same thing: “How can I help my student develop the resilience needed to bounce back from a truly challenging 18 months?”

I have a surprisingly simple answer: focus on having fun this summer. We can address pandemic-related academic deficits in the fall; focus on your child’s mental wellbeing for now.