Dog Treat Business

From the Classroom to Canine Chefs-in-Training: 

Introducing the Upper School Dog Treats Business

Welcome to the online home of the new TQS Dog Treats Business

Quaker Value Dog Treats

Happy Treats, Happy Pup!

TQS Upper School students are learning how to take a “ruff” business idea from conception through creation — and soon, you will be able to “fetch” their final product for your own furry friends.  This process includes everything from:

  • Researching a recipe
  • Learning the laws and regulations for making and selling dog treats
  • Registering the business
  • Designing the packaging
  • Naming the company
  • Using our culinary classroom to bake the treats 
  • Packaging the treats 
  • Marketing the products online
  • Fulfilling the online orders 
  • Selling to local businesses 

"Good food ingredients for dogs are vitamins, organ meat, carbohydrates and fiber. Those food ingredients are good for dogs because it keeps them healthy throughout the day with high energy." - Project Research by Mia, TQS Upper School Student

It’s all part of the TQS business literacy program, a key component of the Upper School curriculum.

One of the biggest factors in a student’s decision to drop out of high school stems from their inability to see how their education impacts their daily and future lives. The business literacy program helps Upper School students pursue their passions, use adult-world communication and organizational skills, and become independent learners through authentic projects and assessments.

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