Transitional Academic Program


Supporting a Successful Transition to High School

Eighth-grade students who struggle to overcome complex challenges often need more time to strengthen their skills before moving on to high school. Our Transitional Academic Program provides students with that opportunity.

What is the Transitional Academic Program (TAP)?

TAP is a high-school readiness year following 8th grade. A highly personalized program, TAP prepares students for the independence high school requires. Students emerge self-assured, confident and excited to begin their next phase of education.

 "The additional year gave Peter more time in a supportive environment to better understand the ways his disability affected his learning, and it gave him the confidence he needed to advocate for himself. TQS really saved P’s educational future. The TAP year was a fitting way to conclude a truly excellent educational experience at this unique school. " - Parents of a TAP Alumnus

TAP Curriculum

The program features our fully accredited 9th-grade curriculum, as well as teaching and reinforcing life skills such as:

  • Essay Writing
  • Understanding the expectations of multiple teachers who may not communicate with one another
  • Managing increased homework load; large, multi-step assignments; and advanced writing requirements
  • Visiting high schools
  • Navigating large buildings
  • Adapting to changes in schedule
  • Learning new organizational strategies
  • Managing money
  • Making healthy meal choices
  • Understanding standardized tests
  • Using a locker

TAP Graduates

The majority of TAP graduates move on to attend the high schools of their choice, where they enter grade 9 or 10 confident and prepared.

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