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Social Development

Helping Students Communicate & Build Relationships

Many children struggle with social interactions. They may not feel comfortable starting conversations with their peers, and may experience anxiety and frustration in social settings.

Our Social Development program addresses these challenges by teaching and reinforcing social skills.

Social Development helps our students with social thinking, such as how to:

  • Communicate in their environment
  • Understand the perspective of others
  • Recognize their impact on others, and on the environment
  • Understand the importance of manners and respect for one another
  • Understand nonverbal communication
  • Use positive communication to build relationships
  • Deal with frustration

About the Social Development Program

  • Social Development is woven into everything we do at The Quaker School.
  • Students attend Social Development class once per week.
  • Each month, our Social Development team focuses on a new social skill. Our Social Skills Gazette provides families with an overview of classroom lessons, and suggestions to practice at home.
  • The class incorporates role-playing, skits and scripting, which helps students learn to put themselves in the shoes of others.
  • Teachers use the same language across the curriculum to reinforce these skills (for example, we refer to “expected and unexpected” behavior, rather than “good or bad” behavior).
  • The program follows the curriculums of Michelle Garcia Winner: Super Flex®, Social Thinking®, and Zones of Regulation®.

Want to learn more about Social Development?

Contact us for additional program information.