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The Quaker School at Horshams' 2021-2022 School Schedule

If you could design your perfect daily schedule, what would it look like? 

That’s the question we recently asked as part of our mission to continuously innovate to best serve our students and families — and the answer prompted us to partner with consulting firm ISM to complete a deep dive into our school, our curriculum, our strategic plan, and our community.

The result:  A completely revitalized TQS school schedule, designed to better help our students achieve meaningful personal, social, and academic success.

We are excited to introduce this new schedule, and its supporting philosophies, to our school community.

Some of the schedule’s biggest features include:

Later school start:  The school day will begin at 9:00 a.m. and end at 4:00 p.m.

Six-day cycle:  There will be six daily schedules that rotate, and within those daily schedules, courses rotate.

Evenly-paced day:  The new schedule provides larger learning block for uninterrupted learning, plus lunch, recess and scheduled breaks throughout the day.  The evenly-paced day also reduces the number of transitions for students and faculty to help with increase focus and decrease anxiety.

The schedule offers many benefits to students and families:

Built around student needs:  This schedule was custom-created to support TQS students’ well-being, promote durable learning, and enhance our program and priorities.

Fewer student transitions:  There is only one transition during the day for students, allowing for more instructional time. 

More project-based learning:  PBL will be front and center, and there will be more small group work.

Direct integration of content areas:  There will be more cross-curricular opportunities. For example, in middle grades, math and science will be paired, and ELA and social studies will be paired. 

More teacher prep time:  Faculty and staff will now have more time to prepare and to collaborate with each other. 

Fewer missed classes:  Because of the rotating schedule, no course will get missed every holiday or professional day, and no course will always be the first course on a Monday or the last course on a Friday.

Special student-focused time:  There will be more opportunities to celebrate student accomplishments, and more ways for students to tap into their personal passions and talents. 

Additional Upper School business literacy:  The schedule gives more time and emphasis to employment literacy and experiences. 

More sleep!  The later start time gives students (and hopefully families) more time to rest.

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The schedule does not affect curriculum; it simply changes the structure of our days — and ensures that we continue to shine even brighter, together. We look forward to adopting it for the 2021-2022 school year. 


For additional information on the new schedule and its supporting research and strategy, explore the resources on this page, or contact Alex Brosowsky, our Head of School, with any questions.

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