Middle School

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A Place of Academic Excellence and Community Spirit

The Middle School years can be a difficult time of transition in any child’s life – and adolescent struggles are often more challenging when a child has complex challenges.

The Quaker School’s Middle School program is designed to build confidence and community for students in grades 7-8. The program combines individualized academic and social skills instruction with the arts, group activities and community service, creating an atmosphere of communal learning that enriches our school experience.


About The Middle School Program

Our Middle School curriculum explores brain development and function – the anatomy of the brain, the nervous system, how we learn, mental patterns and memory.
  • Students learn to appreciate different learning styles and their influence on our abilities, interests, skills and challenges.
  • Classroom and homeroom exercises provide strategies for success, independence and overcoming learning challenges.
  • Students work on organization, note-taking and research skills, and independent reading.
  • Collaborative projects and events, such as planning the middle school lock-ins or partnering with classmates in an intensive writing class, strengthen social skills.
  • Following 8th grade, rising 9th grade students can take part in our Transitional Academic Program.


Throughout the curriculum, students learn how to:
  • Gain control over the process of thinking that is used in learning situations
  • Plan ways to approach a task
  • Develop the skills needed for reading comprehension
  • Maintain awareness and control over distracting environmental and internal stimuli
  • Manage effort over time


Our Curriculum provides grade-appropriate content in each academic area.

To learn more about these individual programs, visit our Academics page.

  • Social Thinking® by Michelle Garcia Winner
  • Zones of Regulation®
  • Executive Functioning
  • Speech & Occupational Therapy
  • Wilson Reading System®
  • Eureka Math®
  • Step Up to Writing®

Activities and Events

There are always engaging activities and event happening in Middle School. 
  • Students plan, manage and stage school productions, ranging from the school play and dance to the talent show, which showcases singers, musicians, dramatic readings and original compositions.
  • Our softball and cross-country teams compete against other independent schools.
  • The annual chess tournament attracts a huge number of players and ultimately results in a grand champion.
  • Nearly two-third of our student body takes part in the Student Council, which gives students a collaborative voice and plans social events throughout the year.
  • Our student-run mock election teaches students how to debate an issue, work together, and become comfortable presenting in front of their peers.

Community Service

TQS has a longstanding history of service learning projects that address local, national and international needs.

Projects have included:

  • Mitten Tree collection, benefitting a Philadelphia shelter for women and children, disabled U.S. Veterans, and Hurricane Katrina relief
  • Fundraising for Hope Children’s Home in Guyana, which has helped the organization purchase a stove, shoes and a van in recent years
  • The Penny Challenge and Canned Food Drive, which raises funds and food for the homeless
  • Socktober, which collects new socks for people in need


Technology opens doors and breaks down barriers for students with complex challenges.

Technology activities in the Middle School include:

  • 1:1 Chromebook program including speech to text and text to speech on each device
  • Basic keyboarding
  • Reinforcing academic skills using developmentally appropriate software
  • Writing and illustrating simple words and sentences in a multimedia format
  • Use of interactive SMART boards, iPads and MacBooks
  • Numerous supplemental academic software programs that include graphic organizers, speech synthesizers, electronic dictionaries, and word prediction

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