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Lower School

A Caring Community for Children with Learning Differences

The Quaker School’s Lower School helps children from grades K-5 reach their potential while learning in a supportive community.

Our first priority: to make your child feel like he or she belongs. Once students feel safe and confident, they are better able to learn.


  • We use direct, multi-sensory and individualized teaching methods to meet each child’s learning challenges.
  • During Morning Meeting in homeroom, students gather, greet one another, share news, and get ready for the day ahead. Our teachers model proper social interactions.
  • Teachers use positive words and tone to promote our students’ sense of belonging, active learning and self-discipline.
  • We introduce classroom materials using guided discovery, a format that encourages independence, creativity and responsibility.
  • Using a theme-based curriculum, teachers link different disciplines so that students develop “big” and important ideas, which helps broaden their thinking.
  • Our classrooms are designed to encourage students’ independence, cooperation and productivity.


Our program is designed to help your child:

  • Learn how to control his or her emotions and impulses
  • Understand and be more aware of his or her thought processes
  • Learn how to speak for him or herself and take control of his or her interests and life
  • Excel quickly in critical academic areas


Our curriculum provides grade-appropriate content in each academic area. To learn more about these individual programs, visit our Academics page.

  • Social Thinking® by Michelle Garcia Winner
  • Zones of Regulation®
  • Speech & Occupational Therapy
  • On Cloud Nine® Visualizing and Verbalizing®
  • Wilson Reading System®
  • RAVE-O®
  • Eureka Math®
  • TouchMath®
  • Edmark Reading®
  • Step Up to Writing®

Want to learn more about the Lower School?

Contact us with any questions or to schedule a school visit.