Speech Therapy

The TQS integrated model incorporates the benefits of speech therapy into every class.

Our full-time speech therapist and pathologist observes and supports all TQS students.  The therapist assists students in the classroom, and provides teachers with strategies to use during the day across all settings.  The therapist also offers direct, one-to-one services for an additional fee.

Laura Laws
Speech-Language Pathologist

TQS students are...

"Creative & determined"

ASHA certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology

The Quaker School Faculty

Areas of Focus:

  • Using correct language in the correct contexts
  • Taking turns in conversation
  • Putting thoughts into words and sentences
  • Understanding language heard or read
  • Using words to express an idea or a feeling
  • Building expressive and receptive vocabulary
  • Improving reading and listening comprehension