What We Believe

Learning With Wonder: A Childhood Manifesto


Children are born learners and explorers. 

They have an innate capacity for learning that is tied to who we are as human beings. They need time to play, to rest, to freely explore, to discover nature, to make friends. What we teach children, and how we teach them, will have a material impact on who they become as adults.

Student and teacher talking

Teachers are here to ignite and channel children’s innate curiosity. 

They have the power to change how children think and how they learn. It is their responsibility, their unique opportunity, to help children find joy in learning, to coax out inquisitive thinking and encourage free thought. By making coursework and homework active, interesting and exciting, they can help students take a topic and explore it, master it and own it.

Fun mixing colors in art class

Learning is at its best when it is messy, loud, active, fun and intense. 

The spirit and passion of learning is more important than the facts and figures we memorize. Learning should align to where children, adolescents and young adults are in their development to help form habits of mind, evolve new ways of thinking and develop the capacity for continual growth.

Learning is fun

We are tasked with the quintessential duty of giving students the tools they need to grow their curiosity and answer new and more challenging questions every day.

Student taking a test in class


I would like to thank all the teachers who helped me through the years because if I didn't get the help I needed, I wouldn't know where I would be in the future." -Anthony (2015 grad)