See All That is Happening at The Quaker School at Horsham

Dance Break

It's important to take breaks during your day - especially dance breaks!

Castles in Horsham

After a unit on the middle ages and a trip to the Renaissance Faire, students created their own castles.

Fall Fun

At TQS, we believe in the importance of play. Homeroom 10 takes a break from the classroom to enjoy some fall fun!

Trick or Treat!

TQS students (and faculty) know how to have fun with their friends. Halloween 2017 was a great success filled with costumes, scavenger hunts, and of course candy!

Have a seat...anywhere!

Students at TQS are welcome to find seating anywhere they are comfortable. This student has just completed his weekly progress monitoring and is now reinforcing his phonics instruction through an online program. Flexible seating keeps him engaged and focused.

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